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Oferta de empleo para enfermeras para Reino Unido

- Sanidad

Hospital name West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Number of vacancies 20+ Registered General Nurses
Clinical areas / number of candidates General Surgery and general medicine
Experienced and NQ nurses required
6 months of experience required for theatre
**All candidates scheduled must have one of the
1. NMC Pin Proof
2. 2
nd payment proof
**No candidates will be excepted unless they
have this proof**
? Successful candidates will be offered
£1000 towards their first two-month’s
accommodation. This payment will be
made directly to their bank accounts
within 5 days of their start date.
? Cost of their initial one-way travel to the
Trust will be paid by the Trust (up to
? The trust will also offer to pay the
deposit on their accommodation. This
payment will made directly to the
landlord and claimed back from their
salary normally over 3 months.
? Candidates will commence with a salary
at the top of Band 3. They will move up
to Band 5 on confirmation of their NMC
registration. Their starting point in Band
5 will reflect their completed years of
post-qualification experience, as with
other nurse recruits. Those who already
have a UK pin will start on the relevant
point of Band 5.
Note: Nurses need to book their own
temporary accommodation and pay for
it themselves. Like mentioned before
they will get the £1,000 within the first 5
days of their start date.
London Weighing allowance of 5%
(increase of salary by 5%)
Recognising salary experience

Oferta de empleo para enfermeras para Reino Unido (Enfermería)
20 Vacantes

Todas (Comunidad Autónoma Todas)


Experiencia Laboral No es necesaria
Estudios mínimos Diplomatura
Carreras 1. Grado en Medicina
2. Licenciatura en Medicina
Requisitos mínimos Nivel medio de inglés


Tipo de contrato Contrato indefinido
Duración Indefinido
Jornada Laboral Indiferente

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